Takako Ohashi

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Two forms of visual deficit were induced in 12 pairs of kittens (4-6 weeks of age) by monocular lid suture combined with either an opaque soft contact lens ('occlusion' amblyopia) or a clear lens ('diffusion' amblyopia) which had been kept behind the sutured eyelids for 5-9 weeks. The kittens were then reverse-sutured at the age of 9-15 weeks, and the(More)
Noradrenaline (NA)-stimulated beta-adrenoreceptors activate adenylate cyclase via excitatory G-proteins (Gs). Activated adenylate cyclase in turn promotes the production of cAMP. Critical roles of cAMP-dependent protein kinase A (PKA) in divergent cellular functions have been shown, including memory, learning and neural plasticity. Ocular dominance(More)
The cervix undergoes marked mechanical trauma during delivery of the baby at birth. As such, a timely and complete tissue repair postpartum is necessary to prevent obstetrical complications, such as cervicitis, ectropion, hemorrhage, repeated miscarriages or abortions and possibly preterm labor and malignancies. However, our knowledge of normal cervical(More)
Activity-dependent processes within the visual pathway play a crucial role in the expression of ocular dominance plasticity in immature visual cortex. The necessity of non-retinal, modulatory afferents to the regulation of ocular dominance plasticity has been recognized. Among a few chemically defined signaling systems, the noradrenaline-activated(More)
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