Takako Nonaka

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Embedded technology is one of the emerging technologies in this most modern era. When networking technology is incorporated with the former, there is no doubt that the scope of embedded systems would be further more. Here we design an embedded web server by interfacing ENC28J60 with LPC2148 ARM controller. Also a second web server is made with LPC1768(More)
This paper proposes a small, power saving embedded Web server for home appliances. The proposed device operates with a real-time operating system on a 32 bit RISC microprocessor. A TCP/IP protocol stack, HTTP, FTP, SNTP server and client applications were developed. The prototype server requires one fortieth the power of a general server using a PC. The(More)
A modular synthetic method for bis- and tris-1,2,3-triazoles that include a benzotriazole structure was developed on the basis of sequential azide-aryne and azide-alkyne cycloadditions. The key to success was efficient halogen-metal exchange reaction-mediated generation of aryne from ortho-iodoaryl triflates bearing a base-sensitive terminal alkyne moiety,(More)
This paper proposes a method of selecting design strategies for user interfaces for various controllers based on an analytic hierarchy process. The goal of this model is to modify the graphical user interface of a remote controller to one that is the most suitable for each user. This paper proposes a new model with six evaluation criteria Physiological,(More)