Takako M. Hickey

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The goal of the Touring Machine project is to provide a reliable and extensible software platform that supports independently-developed distributed multimedia applications. The project includes an experimental testbed composed of a network of desktop video and audio devices controlled via user workstations. Touring Machine is more than a research testbed;(More)
A database system is, by one definition [4], "a system whose overall purpose is to maintain information and to make that information available on demand." Database systems have evolved as part of a response to the desire to separate concerns. That is, the "applica-tion" should be responsible for manipulation of information and for its presentation to a(More)
The Touring Machine project comprises a series of systems experiments that address key technica l questions important to realizing a public communications infrastructure in support of multimedi a applications. One of the major design objectives is to create a software infrastructure tha t investigates potential uses of modern distributed-computing paradigms(More)
OBJECTIVE The relationship of cognitive impairment to functional status in older adults with schizophrenia was investigated. PATIENTS Ninety-three psychiatric inpatients with schizophrenia between the ages of 65 and 88 years. Two subsets of this sample, consisting of 48 and 24 patients, were studied with a greater number of assessment instruments. (More)
As the amount of scientific data grows to the point where the Internet bandwidth no longer supports its transfer, it becomes necessary to make powerful computational services available near data repositories. Such services allow remote researchers to start long-running parallel computations on the data. Current execution services do not provide remote users(More)
The Cornell Jaguar Project is exploring a variety of issues related to mobility and query processing. One broad theme is to break down the traditional client and server boundaries, leading to ubiquitous query processing. Another theme is to extend database and query processing techniques to small-scale and mobile devices. The project builds on and extends(More)