Takako M. Hickey

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The Horus project seeks to develop a communication system addressing the requirements of a wide variety of distributed applications. Horus implements the group communications model providing (among others) unreliable or reliable FIFO, causal, or total group multicasts. It is extensively layered and highly reconngurable allowing applications to only pay for(More)
A database system is, by one definition [4], "a system whose overall purpose is to maintain information and to make that information available on demand." Database systems have evolved as part of a response to the desire to separate concerns. That is, the "application" should be responsible for manipulation of information and for its presentation to a user,(More)
The goal of the Touring Machine project is to provide a reliable and extensible software platform that supports independently-developed distributed multimedia applications. The project includes an experimental testbed composed of a network of desktop video and audio devices controlled via user workstations. Touring Machine is more than a research testbed;(More)
Lithium chloride was evaluated as a potential protective agent against ethanol-induced hemorrhagic gastritis in rats. Rats received lithium chloride intragastrically (30, 60, or 90 mg/kg i.g.) or subcutaneously (3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, or 90 mg/kg s.c.), or a placebo (H2O i.g. or 0.9% NaCl s.c.). Ninety minutes later 1 cm3 of 95% ethanol was administered(More)
In hot climates, only high temperature fluids (are greater than 100 F) may be available for treatment of blood loss shock in combat casualties. Can the hot fluid be used safely and effectively? We compared hot Ringer's lactate (51.7% C/125 F) resuscitation (n=10) to body-temperature (100 F) fluid resuscitation (n=10) in a hemorrhagic shock dog model. One(More)
One of the most widely used indices of language development is a measure of utterance length in morphemes (MLUm). This study examines the applicability of MLUm to the acquisition of Irish. MLUm was calculated for data from Cian, aged 1; 11-3; 0. Even when an attempt was made to 'assume the maximum' by counting all possible morphemes, the correlation between(More)
With the increase in interest in formulas, or apparently non-productive utterances in children's speech, a range of definitions has emerged and sometimes conflicting criteria have been proposed for their identification. These definitions of formulas are compared, and the criteria of Brown (1973), Wong Fillmore (1976), Peters (1983) and Plunkett (1990) for(More)
Programmable force vector elds can be used to control a variety of exible planar parts feeders such as massively-parallel micro actuator arrays or transversely vibrating macroscopic plates. These new automation designs promise great exibility, speed, and dexterity|they may beemployed to position, orient, singulate, sort, feed, and assemble parts. A w ealth(More)