Takakazu Takahashi

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The nanostructured TiO2 films have deposited on SnO2:F (FTO) coated glass substrate by spray pyrolysis technique at different substrate temperatures of 200-500 degrees C. The structural, surface morphological and optical properties of TiO2 films significantly vary with the substrate temperature. The surface of the TiO2 films deposited at 400 degrees C shows(More)
In this paper, various zinc oxide (ZnO) films are deposited by a versatile and effective dc-reactive facing-target sputtering method. The ratios of Ar to O(2) in the mixture gas are varied from 8:2 to 6:4 at a fixed sputtering pressure of 1.0 Pa. X-ray diffraction, spectrophotometer and scanning electron microscope are used to study the crystal structure,(More)
In this paper, the alpha-Fe(2)O(3) (hematite) films were reactively prepared by dc facing targets sputtering method. The ultrathin Pt layer with thickness of around 2 nm was deposited on the surface of alpha-Fe(2)O(3) films by dc diode sputtering method. X-ray diffraction, spectrophotometer, scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy(More)
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