Takahito Aoto

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We present a novel method for estimating 3-D positions of near light sources by using highlights on the outside and inside of a single clear hollow sphere. Conventionally, the positions of near light sources have been estimated by using observed highlights on multiple reference objects, e.g. mirror balls.
This paper proposes a linear estimation method for 4-D illumination light field using an inverse lighting framework. Although lighting environments have conventionally been modeled by the combination of point light sources or a spherical light field map, complex light sources such as an ordinary flashlight with lenses and reflectors, can not be correctly(More)
Common light sources such as an ordinary flashlight with lenses and/or reflectors make complex 4-D light field that cannot be represented by conventional isotropic distribution model nor point light source model. This paper describes a new approach to estimate 4-D light field using an illuminated diffuser. Unlike conventional works that capture a 4-D light(More)
Recovering temporal point spread functions (PSFs) is important for various applications, especially analyzing light transport. Some methods that use amplitude-modulated continuous wave time-of-flight (ToF) cameras are proposed to recover temporal PSFs, where the resolution is several nanoseconds. Contrarily, we show in this paper that sub-nanosecond(More)
Future synchrotron light source using a 5-GeV energy recovery linac (ERL) is under proposal by our Japanese collaboration team, and we are conducting R&D efforts for that. We are developing high-brightness DC photocathode guns, two types of cryomodules for both injector and main superconducting (SC) linacs, and 1.3 GHz high CW-power rf sources. We are also(More)
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