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We improve an existing OBDD-based method of computing all total satisfying assignments of a Boolean formula, where an OBDD means an ordered binary decision diagram that is not necessarily reduced. To do this, we introduce lazy caching and finer caching by effectively using unit propagation. We implement our methods on top of a modern SAT solver, and show by(More)
Dualization of Boolean functions is a fundamental problem that appears in various fields such as artificial intelligence, logic, data mining, etc. For monotone Boolean functions, many empirical researches that focus on practical efficiency have recently been done. We extend our previous work for monotone dualization and present a novel method for(More)
Pattern-avoiding permutations are permutations where none of the subse-quences match the relative order of a given pattern. Pattern-avoiding permutations are related to practical and abstract mathematical problems and can provide simple representations for such problems. For example, some floor-plans, which are used for optimizing very-large-scale(More)
We implemented an RF-adaptive array antenna (RF-AAA) on a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) receiver using Alam-outi's scheme. A new criterion maximizing the squared Frobe-nius norm of the MIMO channel matrix is proposed for controlling the RF-AAA. Computer simulation showed that a 2 × 2 MIMO system with a 2-element RF-AAA implemented using Alamouti's(More)