Takahisa Shikama

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We report a novel insulator-insulator transition arising from the internal charge degrees of freedom in the two-dimensional quarter-filled organic salt β-(meso-DMBEDT-TTF)2PF6. The optical conductivity spectra above Tc=70 K display a prominent feature of the dimer Mott insulator, characterized by a substantial growth of a dimer peak near 0.6 eV with(More)
In the Caltech coaxial magnetized plasma jet experiment, fundamental studies are carried out relevant to spheromak formation, astrophysical jet formation/propagation, solar coronal physics, and the general behavior of twisted magnetic flux tubes that intercept a boundary. In order to measure the spatial profile of the magnetic field vector for understanding(More)
We present the magnetic and transport properties of single crystalline U(2)PdSi(3) measured with the magnetic field (H) (or measuring current, I) applied along two typical crystallographic directions, i.e. H ⊥ c-axis and H <parallel> c-axis (or I ⊥ c-axis and I <parallel> c-axis). For both directions, a spin-glass state is confirmed to form at low(More)
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