Takahisa Sagara

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Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activities in the prenatal rat lower limb were investigated by both cytochemistry and immunocytochemistry. Results indicate that the epidermal cells show immunoreactions of AChE at a limited stage at prenatal day 15, and mesenchymal cells which are occasionally in contact with the basal lamina or with the adjacent myotubes begin(More)
The differentiation of the rat stria vascularis (SV) was investigated by light- and electron microscopy and by immunocytochemistry. Loss of the basal lamina at the epithelial-mesenchymal interface of SVs as indicated by immunoreactions of laminin and fibronectin induces the formation of vascular feet by basal infoldings of the marginal cells (MCs), and the(More)
The discrimination of mono-syllable words (67S word-list) pronounced by a male and a female speaker was investigated in noise in 39 normal hearing subjects. The subjects listened to the test words at a constant level of 62 dB together with white or weighted noise in four S/N conditions. By processing the data with logit transformation, S/N-discrimination(More)
BACKGROUND Apical tubules (ATs) in marginal cells (MCs) of the stria vascularis appear in limited stages of differentiation of the MCs, but their origin and roles remain uncertain. The present study was designed to solve the problem of whether the ATs are intracellular compartments derived from the Golgi apparatus (GA). METHODS The cochleae of Wistar rats(More)
The neovascularization of the rabbit phallus at ages between prenatal days 15 and 21 was investigated by light- and electron microscopy, computer-aided light microscopic reconstruction, and immunocytochemistry. The phalli are embedded by an abundance of mesenchymal cells, which are in contact with the neighboring ones or with the endothelial lining of(More)
Mutation of the adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate receptor protein gene (crp) of Escherichia coli induced by protons, ionizing radiation of charged particles, was analyzed to determine the specificity of the mutational spectrum. The majority, 44 of 49 mutations detected, were base substitutions, and three frameshifts and two gross structural changes were(More)
The role of the submandibular glands in the excretion of parenterally administered bis (tributyltin) oxide (TBTO) was studied. Fine structural alterations of the submandibular glands were observed with an electron microscope. Accumulation sites of TBTO were determined with an X-ray microanalyzer and tin concentrations in saliva and blood were measured by(More)
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