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Cell behavior in the cambium and developing xylem of 3-year-old Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don.) trees, during and after an 11-day suspension of irrigation, was analyzed. Leaf xylem pressure potential and tangential strain of the stem surface were monitored throughout the experiment. Anatomical features and numbers of developing tracheids and(More)
A wild type NADPH-dependent carbonyl reductase from Candida magnoliae (reductase S1) has been found not to utilize NADH as a coenzyme. A mutation to exchange the coenzyme specificity in reductase S1 has been designed by computer-aided methods, including three-dimensional structure modeling and in silico screening of enzyme mutants. Site-directed mutagenesis(More)
BACKGROUND Screws with strong pull-out strength have been sought for the treatment of cancellous bone. We hypothesized that an obliquely angled screw thread has advantages over conventional vertical thread with a minimal proximal half angle. METHODS Metal and bone screws were made of stainless steel and porcine cortical bone. Their proximal half angle was(More)
BACKGROUND Major disadvantages of antibiotic bone cements include limited drug release and reduced strength resulting from the addition of high doses of antibiotics. Bacterial cellulose, a three-dimensional hydrophilic mesh, may retain antibiotics and release them gradually. We hypothesized that the addition of cellulose to antibiotic bone cement would(More)
Thermal effects at the surface of a sample wood specimen while it is rubbed by reduction with a metal disk rotating at high speed are investigated. The results provide fundamental data for the development of new surface processing methods. The results of high-speed friction tests showed that the wood surface developed high-temperature regions due to the(More)
We investigated the changes in cellulose crystallinity in the cell walls of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens Mazel) during the growth process. Changes in crystallinity in bamboo cell walls were traced along the longitudinal and radial directions using flat-sawn specimens obtained from each internode using X-ray diffraction measurements. Cellulose(More)
PURPOSE We have recently developed a dynamic tumor tracking irradiation system using Vero4DRT (MHI-Tm2 000). It is needed to create a 4D correlation model between a fiducial marker implanted near a tumor and an external surrogate as a function of time by continuously acquiring both fluoroscopy images and external surrogate signals. The purpose of this study(More)