Takahisa Matsuzaki

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The role of the different cytoskeletal structures like microfilaments (MF), microtubuli (MT), and intermediate filaments (IF) in phagosome motion is unclear. These cytoskeletal units play an important role in macrophage function (migration, phagocytosis, phagosome transport). We investigated ferromagnetic phagosome motions by cell magnetometry. J774A.1(More)
Green tea catechin and green tea extract are now recognized as non-toxic cancer preventives for humans. We first review our brief historical development of green tea cancer prevention. Based on exciting evidence that green tea catechin, (-)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in drinking water inhibited lung metastasis of B16 melanoma cells, we and other(More)
Transplantation of in-vitro-generated organ buds is a promising approach toward regenerating functional and vascularized organs. Though it has been recently shown in the context of liver models, demonstrating the applicability of this approach to other systems by delineating the molecular mechanisms guiding organ bud formation is critical. Here, we(More)
We investigated a potential application of hydrophobic poly(n-butyl acrylate) networks (cPnBA) as substrates with tunable elasticity for culturing, maintenance, and regulation of human osteosarcoma cells (U2OS). Nanoindentation experiments with an atomic force microscope revealed that the mechanical properties of cPnBA films are maintained under aqueous(More)
In healthy joints, hyaline cartilage covering the joint surfaces of bones provides cushioning due to its unique mechanical properties. However, because of its limited regenerative capacity, age- and sports-related injuries to this tissue may lead to degenerative arthropathies, prompting researchers to investigate a variety of cell sources. We recently(More)
Adhesion of cancer cells with different metastatic potential and anticancer drug resistance has been quantitatively evaluated by using self-assembled monolayer (SAM)-patterned substrates and reflection interference contrast microscopy (RICM). Cell-adhesive SAM spots with optimized diameter could prevent cell-cell adhesion and thus allowed the systematic(More)
Shape equations for phospholipid vesicles including a spherical actin cortex are derived<lb>in 2 and 3 spatial dimensions. They arise from the condition of stationarity of the membrane free<lb>energy at fixed area and volume'. Numerical solutions are presented in the 2 dimensional case, while, in<lb>the more involved context of 3 dimensional shapes, the(More)
Hydrogels with tunable elasticity has been widely used as micromechanical environment models for cells. However, the imaging of physical contacts between cells and hydrogels with a nanometer resolution along the optical axis remain challenging because of low reflectivity at hydrogel-liquid interface. In this work, we have developed an advanced(More)
Physical interactions of four major green tea catechin derivatives with cell membrane models were systemically investigated. Catechins with the galloyl moiety caused the aggregation of small unilamellar vesicles and an increase in the surface pressure of lipid monolayers, while those without did not. Differential scanning calorimetry revealed that, in a low(More)
1. The resistance against toxic products of typhoid bacilli of the heart tissues of typhoid-immune animals is greater than that of nonimmunized animals. 2. The acquired increase of resisting power is specific. 3. The increased resistance is not caused by antitoxin, but by a specific biological alteration of tissue cells. 4. It is maintained that permanent(More)