Takahisa Harayama

Susumu Shinohara2
Hakan E Türeci1
A Douglas Stone1
2Susumu Shinohara
1Hakan E Türeci
1A Douglas Stone
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We show that the solution of fully nonlinear lasing equations for stadium cavities exhibits a highly directional emission pattern. This directionality can be well explained by a ray-dynamical model, where the dominant ray-escape dynamics is governed by the unstable manifolds of the unstable short periodic orbits for the stadium cavity. Investigating the(More)
We study spectral and far-field characteristics of lasing emission from stadium-shaped semiconductor (InGaAsP) microlasers. We demonstrate that the correspondence between a lasing far-field emission pattern and the result of a ray simulation becomes better as the number of lasing modes increases. This phenomenon is reproduced in the wave calculation of the(More)
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