Takahiro Yamakawa

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The Ikonos one-metre earth observation satellite system offers the photogrammetric and remote sensing communities a significant new means for geospatial information collection, with the potential of pixel-level geopositioning precision. This paper addresses the subject of the metric accuracy potential of Ikonos Geo imagery for both 2D and 3D geopositioning.(More)
An investigation into the use of alternative sensor orientation models and their applicability for block adjustment of high-resolution satellite imagery is reported. Ikonos Geo imagery has been employed in the investigation, and since the explicit camera model and precise exterior orientation information required to apply conventional collinearity-based(More)
This paper investigates a starting procedure of rotational sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) in the rotating condition, which is suitable for some applications with higher maximum rotor frequency and longer current sampling time. Instantaneous estimation of initial rotor position and frequency, right after gates start, is essential for(More)
This paper investigates a new flux-weakening operation of interior permanent magnet synchronous motors for railway vehicle traction. A design method of the controller is also suggested. The control method is verified both numerically and experimentally to ensure that it is feasible enough to be applied to the railway vehicle traction system
This paper presents the results of work carried out under the auspices of the joint ISPRS CNES Scientific Assessment Program of DEM generation from SPOT 5 high resolution stereoscopic (HRS) image data. A stereo pair of HRS images of Melbourne, Australia, with a ground sample distance of 5m in the along track direction, and 10m in the across track direction,(More)
We report the preparation of Ir-based electrode thin films by liquid-delivery MOCVD using a vaporizer system. A novel liquid precursor, Ir(EtCp)(C<sub>2</sub>H<sub>4</sub>)<sub>2</sub>, and etylcyclohexane (ECH) were used as a precursor and solvent, respectively. (111)-oriented Ir thin films with a root-mean-square surface roughness of 2.2 nm and an(More)
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