Takahiro Yabumoto

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Osteoclast differentiation and functioning are strictly controlled by RANKL expressed on osteoblast membrane surfaces, but whether osteoclasts exert control over osteoblasts remains unclear. In the present study, we examined the effect of an osteoclast inhibitor, a bisphosphonate (BP), on the response of maxillary bone to mechanical stress in a(More)
INTRODUCTION In this study, mechanical stress in the form of tooth movement was applied to osteoprotegerin-deficient knockout mice, which served as an animal model for juvenile Paget's disease. To compare and evaluate bone turnover and response of the surrounding bony tissue, we administered reveromycin A. We also investigated the ability of reveromycin A(More)
In osteoprotegerin-deficient (OPG-/-) mice, osteoclast activity causes bone resorption to outpace bone formation, leading to the development of severe osteoporosis. Such mice are therefore useful for investigating the alveolar bone of patients with osteoporosis. Reveromycin A (RM-A) was recently identified as the unique agent acting on osteoclast(More)
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