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Expert drivers' deceleration patterns in last-second braking will be formulated using a perceptual risk index for the approach and the proximity of a preceding vehicle as examples of comfortable braking patterns. It will be shown that the formulated braking pattern can uniformly generate a smooth deceleration profile for many approach conditions. In(More)
A simple but robust control law for the grasping manipulation of deformable objects is presented. In the handling of deformable objects, grasping and manipulation must be performed simultaneously despite uncertainties during the handling process. We will propose a control law to perform grasping and manipulation of deformable objects using a realtime vision(More)
To determine how distracted and normal driving differ, this report reexamines driving performance data from the advanced collision avoidance system (ACAS) field operational test (FOT), a naturalistic driving study (96 drivers, 136,792 miles). In terms of overall driving performance statistics, distraction (defined as 4 successive video frames where the(More)