Takahiro Wada

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Expert drivers' deceleration patterns in last-second braking will be formulated using a perceptual risk index for the approach and the proximity of a preceding vehicle as examples of comfortable braking patterns. It will be shown that the formulated braking pattern can uniformly generate a smooth deceleration profile for many approach conditions. In(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the effect of the passenger head-tilt strategy on the severity of carsickness in lateral acceleration situations in automobiles. BACKGROUND It is well known that the driver is generally less susceptible to carsickness than are the passengers. However, it is also known that the driver tilts his or her head toward the curve center(More)
The purpose of the present study is to develop an eco-driving assist system that is adaptive to a driver's skill and to demonstrate its effectiveness. The eco-driving assist system consists of a visual indicator illustrating the eco-driving. In the proposed adaptive system, the resolution of the indicator and the threshold of eco-driving are changed to(More)