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PURPOSE To analyze the outcomes of patients with early hypopharyngeal cancer treated with radical radiotherapy (RT). METHODS AND MATERIALS Ten institutions combined the data from 115 patients with Stage I-II hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma treated with definitive RT between 1990 and 2001. The median patient age was 67 years; 99 patients were men(More)
BACKGROUND Control of the primary lesions in metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) is still controversial. For rectal cancer patients, not only resection but also irradiation is expected to provide palliative effects. We investigated the effects of resection and irradiation of primary lesions (local control) on the prognosis of mCRC patients. PATIENTS(More)
BACKGROUND Karyopherin α 2 (KPNA2) is a member of the Karyopherin α family and has recently been reported to play an important role in tumor progression. The aim of the current study was to elucidate the clinicopathological significance of KPNA2 over-expression in colorectal cancer (CRC). PATIENTS AND METHODS KPNA2 expression was evaluated by(More)
After describing determinants for the creation of a successfully used community health care network, our new project of making a mechanism fostering steady development of WAN and LAN among community is presented. Most of the difficulties that inhibit the sound development of community health care system are solved.
Radiotherapy has been widely used in breast cancer in many situations. These are breast irradiation of breast conserving therapy,post mastectomy regional irradiation,irradiation for regional lymph nodes recurrence,breast irradiation of inoperable locally advanced cases,palliative irradiation of brain metastasis,bone metastasis and so on. The relationship(More)
Peritoneal dissemination is a major cause of recurrence in patients with malignant tumors in the peritoneal cavity. Effective anticancer agents and treatment protocols are necessary to improve outcomes in these patients. However, previous studies using mouse models of peritoneal dissemination have not detected any drug effect against peritoneal(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Reduced port laparoscopic surgery has recently emerged as a method to improve the cosmetic results of conventional laparoscopic surgery. We reported our technique of reduced port laparoscopic colectomy using 3-port and short-time outcomes. METHODOLOGY Between 2005 and 2012, we performed 161 reduced port laparoscopic colectomies using the(More)
We have compared the differences in a 4-MV photon surface dose among Varian, Siemens, and Elekta linear accelerators (linacs) with wedges for tangential breast treatment. The wedge factor and the surface dose were measured using a solid water phantom and an ion chamber for each linear accelerator with various field sizes and wedge angles. A tangential(More)
Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy is commonly used to improve the local control and resectability of locally advanced rectal cancer, with surgery performed after an interval of a number of weeks. We have been conducting a clinical trial of preoperative chemoradiotherapy in combination with regional hyperthermia (hyperthermo-chemoradiation therapy; HCRT) for(More)