Takahiro Sakai

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Consomic strains, also known as chromosome substitution strains, are powerful tools for assigning polygenes that control quantitative complex traits to specific chromosomes. Here, we report generation of a full set of mouse consomic strains, in which each chromosome of the common laboratory strain C57BL/6J (B6) is replaced by its counterpart from the inbred(More)
Microsatellite loci are uniformly distributed at approximately 100-kbp intervals on all chromosomes except the chromosome Y, and genetic information about more than 9000 loci and high-throughput polymorphism analysis are now available. Taking advantage of these properties, we carried out whole-genome scanning using eight common inbred strains (CIS) of(More)
This paper presents a quantitative investigation and analysis of anammox activity in sludge taken from biological swine wastewater treatment plants. An incubation experiment using a (15)N tracer technique showed anammox activity in sludge taken from 6 out of 13 plants with the rate ranging from 0.0036 micromol-N(2)/g-VSS/h to 3.1 micromol-N(2)/g-VSS/h, and(More)
Microchiroptera have diversified into many species whose size and the shapes of the complicated ear and nose have been adapted to their echolocation abilities. Their speciation processes, and intra- and interspecies relationships are still under discussion. Here we report on the geographical variation of Japanese Rhinolophus ferrumequinum and R. cornutus(More)
Changes in swine wastewater chemical features during an activated sludge treatment process were surveyed on 11 farms, and analyzed with non-biodegradable elements, i.e., phosphorus (P), copper (Cu), and zinc (Zn). In piggery wastewater, they were linearly correlated with suspended solid (SS) concentrations and the major portion was in solid fractions. After(More)
We updated a database of microsatellite marker polymorphisms found in inbred strains of the mouse, most of which were derived from the wild stocks of four Mus musculus subspecies, M. m. domesticus, M. m. musculus, M. m.castaneus and M. m. molossinus. The major aim of constructing this database was to establish the genetic status of these inbred strains as(More)
PBL was evaluated in the course of nursing education for three years as problem solution, self-learning, integrated learning, and communication skills. The students who entered this school in 2000-2002 were examined. The students themselves evaluated each session and tutor, with the same evaluation format. In the three groups, the grand mean of the(More)
Access to drug information (DI) needed to evaluate generic product bioequivalence was studied to identify problems with the current status of DI availability and encourage proper use of DI. Ten items were chosen from among the stock of branded products at the University Pharmacy, and five corresponding generics were selected for each item. Conditions of(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to assess the drug interaction between high doses of micafungin and cyclosporine A (CyA) in allo-HSCT patients. METHODS We assigned 15 patients to Groups 1, 2, or 3. We investigated the serial changes in the blood concentration/dose (C/dose) of intravenous CyA during micafungin coadministration in 5 patients during the(More)
Abstract This paper describes application of the hysteresis control to the single-inductor dual-output (SIDO) power supply circuit to realize high performance, low cost and small size power supply circuits. The SIDOs can realize small number of inductors (hence small size and low cost) in the system where multiple power supplies are required, but their(More)