Takahiro Sakai

Toshifumi Udono1
Tomoyuki Koganezawa †a1
1Toshifumi Udono
1Tomoyuki Koganezawa †a
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We determined the structures of long (L)-wavelength-sensitive and middle (M)-wavelength-sensitive opsin gene array of 58 male chimpanzees and we investigated relative sensitivity to red and green lights by electroretinogram flicker photometry. One subject had protanomalous color vision, while others had normal color vision. Unlike in humans, a polymorphic(More)
Dendritic cells (DCs) are capable of processing and presenting exogenous antigens using MHC class I molecules. This pathway is called antigen cross-presentation and plays an important role in the stimulation of naïve CD8(+) T cells for infectious and tumor immunity. Our previous studies in DC2.4 cells and bone marrow-derived DCs revealed that exogenously(More)
understanding of the alignment mechanism of liquid crystal (LC) on alignment film is of fundamental interest and of industrial importance in the manufacture of LC devices. Rubbed polyimide (PI) films have been used as liquid crystal alignment films in LC displays (LCDs). It is widely considered that molecules of liquid crystals are aligned by intermolecular(More)
SUMMARY We developed a new method for characterizing molecular distribution in very thin liquid crystal layer (5–40 nm) evaporated onto rubbed polyimide film used by grazing-incidence X-ray diffraction (GIXD). The diffraction peaks corresponding to intermolecular correlation perpendicular to longitudinal axis of liquid crystal molecule and the clear(More)
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