Takahiro Oda

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The phase transition of a nematic liquid crystal containing a push-pull azobenzene dye could be induced efficiently during irradiation with visible light. The dynamical disorganizing effect of the push-pull azobenzene dye on the liquid crystalline order through its trans-cis-trans photoisomerizaion cycle under visible light was contributed to the efficient(More)
Health monitoring and anomaly detection techniques for artificial satellites are very significant, as it is very hard to repair those space systems on orbit. Authors have proposed the framework of learning-based anomaly detection that applies statistical machine learning and data mining techniques to the satellite telemetry data to automatically obtain(More)
The GHS Weil descent attack by Gaudry, Hess and Smart was originally proposed to elliptic curves over finite fields of characteristic two [11]. Among a number of extensions of this attack, Diem treated the cases of hyperelliptic curves over finite fields of arbitrary odd characteristics [4]. His results were partially extended to algebraic curves of which(More)
Imaging resolution of telescope optics and camera used for recent Cherenkov telescopes is usually limited to be only about 0.1 degree. Therefore, small size images generated by low energy gamma rays are difficult to detect by such telescopes. We simulated using an ideal telescope which has no optical aberration and very high resolution camera with very fine(More)
A rational method for designing separation processes by chromatography with polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) resins of different particle diameters (10-400microm) was developed. As model samples, catechin and epigallocatehin gallate (EGCG) were chosen and the mobile phase was an ethanol-water mixture. Linear gradient elution experiments were carried out(More)
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