Takahiro Miyajima

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Recently, thorax MDCT images are used in visual screening for early detection of lung nodules. Radiologists can easily detect lung nodules on images, but it has enormous images and load of radiologist for visual screening. To reduce the load of radiologist and improve the detection accuracy, a CAD (Computer Aided Diagnosis) system is expected from medical(More)
How to effectively collect diverse data of spontaneous speech and to upgrade various speech processing techniques is a serious issue. In this paper, we introduce our proposed method “SEN method”, which aims to collect psychologically and acoustically diverse acted speech effectively with naturalness. We created detailed directions, on the basis of various(More)
Parallelizing compilers equipped with powerful compiler optimizations are essential tools to fully exploit performance from today’s computer systems. These optimizations are supported by both highly sophisticated program analysis techniques and aggressive program restructuring techniques. However, the compilation time for such powerful compilers(More)
The purpose of this paper is to develop a robot that actively communicates with a human, and extracts information from the human mind that is rarely expressed as verbal information explicitly. The spoken dialogue system for information collection must independently decide whether it may or may not start communicating with a human. In this paper, we assume(More)
This study was carried out to improve the quality of acted emotional speech. In the recent paradigm shift in speech collection techniques, methods for the collection of high-quality and spontaneous speech has been strongly focused on. However, such methods involve various constraints: such as the difficulty in controlling utterances and sound quality.(More)
Purpose Recently, because of increase of the number of deaths caused from lung cancer, mass screening have been conducted for early diagnosis of lung nodules. MDCT (Multi detector-row computed tomography) scan is one of the common ways. Using thorax MDCT images, radiologists can detect lung nodules easier than before. However, the enormous images increase(More)
A temporal subtraction (TS) image is obtained by subtracting a previous image, which is warped to match the structures of the previous image and the related current image. The TS technique removes normal structures and enhances interval changes such as new lesions and substitutes in existing abnormalities from a medical image. However, many artifacts(More)
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