Takahiro Matsuo

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We investigate the performance of TCP under three representatives of packet scheduling algorithms at the router. Our main focus is to investigate how fair service can be provided for elastic applications sharing the link. Packet scheduling algorithms that we consider are FIFO (First In First Out), RED (Random Early Detection), and DRR (Deficit Round Robin).(More)
The daily variations found in many aspects of physiology are collectively known as circadian rhythm (from "circa" meaning "about" and "dien" meaning "day"). Circadian oscillation in clock gene expression can generate quantitative or functional variations of the molecules directly involved in many physiological functions. This paper reviews the molecular(More)
Although many research efforts have been devoted to the network congestion against an increase of network traffic in the Internet, only a few discussions are recently made on the performance improvement of the endhosts. In this paper, we focus on TCP buffer tuning to provide high performance and fair service for many TCP connections at Internet endhosts. We(More)
Designing a lithium ion battery (LIB) with a three-dimensional device structure is crucial for increasing the practical energy storage density by avoiding unnecessary supporting parts of the cell modules. Here, we describe the superior secondary battery performance of the bulk all-solid-state LIB cell and a multilayered stacked bipolar cell with doubled(More)
Most of the researches have been concentrated on how to avoid and dissolve the network congestion, and only a few discussions on the performance improvement of the endhosts are recently made. In this paper, we focus on data transfer using TCP and analyze the details of TCP data transfer at the endhost. Through the analysis, we have found that memory access(More)
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