Takahiro Matsuda

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Sketch based 3D shape retrieval has become an important research topic in content based 3D object retrieval. To foster this research area, two Shape Retrieval Contest (SHREC) tracks on this topic have been organized by us in 2012 and 2013 based on a small scale and large scale benchmarks, respectively. Six and five (nine in total) distinct sketch based 3D(More)
In this paper, the authors propose a novel gesture-based virtual keyboard (Gesture Keyboard) that uses a standard QWERTY keyboard layout, and requires only one camera, and employs a machine learning technique. Gesture Keyboard tracks the user's fingers and recognizes finger motions to judge keys input in the horizontal direction. Real-Adaboost (Adaptive(More)
This paper proposes several lightweight local 3D shape features for 3D voxel data that yield compact binary feature vectors. These features are inspired by compact binary features for 2D image, namely, Local Binary Pattern (LBP) [22], BRIEF [6] and ORB [26]. In addition to being compact, extraction of proposed 3D features is inexpensive. Furthermore, these(More)
アブストラクト 人の描く線画スケッチによる 3Dモデル検索の先行研究では,線画スケッチから抽出した特徴と,3Dモデルを多 視点レンダリングして得た特徴稜線画像等の線画から抽出した特徴とを比較する.しかし,線画スケッチの抽象 化や描画スタイルの多様性などにより,線画スケッチと 3Dモデル特徴稜線画像が大きく異なる場合も多い.これ が,先行研究手法における検索精度が低い原因の一つとなっていた.検索精度向上のアプローチの一つに, 固定された距離尺度 (例えば,L1, L2, Cosine)ではなく,特徴の分布に適応した距離尺度の利用がある.本論 文では,クエリであるスケッチ画の特徴と,全 3D モデルを多視点からレンダリングした特徴稜線画像の特徴群と(More)
In IEEE 802.11[1] wireless LANs based onCSMA/CA (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with CollisionAvoidance), parameters such as contention window (CW)significantly affects its throughput performance. In this paper,we propose a novel CW control scheme in order to achievethe high throughput performance in dense user environments.While the standard CSMA/CA(More)
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