Takahiro Iwata

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While pervasive technologies explore new gaming styles, traditional games, such as cards and tabletop games are still appealing and have various irreplaceable flavors. We point out that tangible game objects and spatial interactions amplify emotional impacts in gaming; and the advantage cannot be reproduced in completely digitalized games. Thus we propose(More)
The farside gravity field of the Moon is improved from the tracking data of the Selenological and Engineering Explorer (SELENE) via a relay subsatellite. The new gravity field model reveals that the farside has negative anomaly rings unlike positive anomalies on the nearside. Several basins have large central gravity highs, likely due to super-isostatic,(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate clinical and radiological differences between joint destruction in the wrist and the feet in patients with RA. METHODS A cross-sectional clinical study was conducted in an RA cohort at a single institution. Clinical data included age, sex and duration of disease. Laboratory data included sero-positivity for anti-cyclic(More)
In this demonstration, we introduce the augmented calligraphy system that aims at supporting a calligraphy learner's self-training process by giving feedback. In order to write characters well, body posture is a very important factor. However, it is difficult to keep proper posture without any assistance. Therefore, the system monitors the learner's posture(More)
Japan's first large lunar explorer was launched by the H-IIA(JST). This explorer named " KAGUYA (SELENE: SELenological and Engineering Explorer) " has been keenly anticipated by many countries as it represents the largest lunar exploration project of the post-Apollo program. The lunar missions that have been conducted so far have gathered a large amount of(More)
This paper describes the system to take traffic lines of pedestrian flows outdoors and the investigation of dynamic characteristics by using the density, direction and velocity distribution of them. These characteristics express the congestion and latent dangerousness of field. Also the arrangement of structures and public facilities will be evaluated.
This is a Letter of Intent for a new experimental program in J-PARC, combining the topics of " Hadron Physics " and " Kaon Physics " by using the large solenoidal spectrometer of the BNL-E949 experiment and with a low-momentum DC-separated K + beam. The exotic Θ + baryon resonance at 1540 MeV/c 2 is studied with the reaction K + n → Θ + → K 0 p followed by(More)
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