Takahiro Iwasa

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Root hair formation is induced when lettuce seedlings are transferred from pH 6.0 to pH 4.0. Ethylene, auxin and light are essential to this process. To investigate the role of ethylene in root hair initiation, we isolated two 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC) synthase genes (Ls-ACS1 and Ls-ACS2). Seven motifs of known ACS proteins were highly(More)
In this paper, the integrated computer simulator tool of rotary crane with ship behavior in consideration of ship sway and load sway is newly built in order to systemize the state analysis of a shipboard crane. The integrated simulator of shipboard crane was realized by corporating an external force interface routine of a component with Fluid analysis(More)
This paper describes control of a rotary crane for the change of rope length. The load position and its sway control is designed by using the gain-scheduled H<inf>&#x221E;</inf> controller. Furthermore, reference governor with the maximum constrained positively invariant (CPI) set is proposed for the time-variant system to give the reference input(More)
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