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Ocean acidification is potentially one of the greatest threats to marine ecosystems and global carbon cycling. Amongst calcifying organisms, coccolithophores have received special attention because their calcite precipitation plays a significant role in alkalinity flux to the deep ocean (i.e., inorganic carbon pump). Currently, empirical effort is devoted(More)
Proximate factors of the intraspecific variation in molluscan shell morphology have long received attention in biology. The intertidal gastropod Monetaria annulus (Mollusca; Gastropoda; Cypraeidae) is particularly suitable for the study of variation in body size, because this species is a determinate grower in the sense that soft-body size shows no further(More)
Periodicities in siphon extension behavior, which is considered an index of feeding behavior, of the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum were investigated by sequential visual observations in water tanks under laboratory conditions. Most clams actively extended their siphons in the dark period and closed their shells in the light period under the 12L:12D(More)
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