Takahiro Ikeda

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This paper proposes an automatic interpretation system that integrates free-style sentence translation and parallel text based translation. Free-style sentence translation accepts natural language sentences and translates them by machine translation. Parallel text based translation provides a proper translation for a sentence in the parallel text by(More)
This paper describes an on-line manual page retrieval system activated by spoken queries for multimodal cellular phones. The system recognizes user's naturally spoken queries by telephone LVCSR and searches an on-line manual with a retrieval module on a server. The user can view the retrieved data on the screen of the phone via Web access. The LVCSR module(More)
We propose a new text mining system which extracts characteristic contents from given documents. We define <i>Key semantics</i> as characteristic sub-structures of syntactic dependencies in the given documents, and consider the following three tasks in this paper: 1)<i>Key semantics extraction</i>: extracting characteristic syntactic dependency structures(More)
This paper describes a text retrieval system for cellular phones with Web browsing capability, which accepts spoken queries over the cellular phone and provides the search result on the cellular phone screen. This system recognizes spoken queries by large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR), retrieves relevant document by text retrieval, and(More)
While a growing body of neurocognitive research has explored the neural substrates associated with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), an objective biomarker for diagnosis has not been established. The advent of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), which is a noninvasive and unrestrictive method of functional neuroimaging, raised the(More)