Takahiro Iijima

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A compensation method based on reference deconvolution is developed to obtain high-resolution NMR spectra under an unstable magnetic field. It is shown that the applicability of the original deconvolution method is limited for small fluctuation, and a process what may be called phase reconstruction is proposed to compensate large field fluctuation. We(More)
We have previously demonstrated that riluzole has anxiolytic-like effects in rats, without affecting spontaneous alternation performance in the Y-maze test. However, the effects of riluzole on hippocampal synaptic plasticity were still unclear. In this study, we showed that bath application of riluzole did not impair long-term potentiation and long-term(More)
A method for compensating effect of field fluctuation is examined to attain high-resolution NMR spectra with resistive and hybrid magnets. In this method, time dependence of electromotive force induced for a pickup coil attached near a sample is measured synchronously with acquisition of NMR. Observed voltage across the pickup coil is converted to field(More)
Two switchable neutral bistable [2]rotaxanes have been synthesized, and their chemically induced mechanical switching has been studied in solution by 1H NMR spectroscopy. One of the rotaxanes was prepared by a thermodynamically controlled slippage mechanism, while the other rotaxane was obtained by a dynamic covalent chemistry protocol involving the(More)
In pursuit of a neutral bistable [2]rotaxane made up of two tetraarylmethane stoppers--both carrying one isopropyl and two tert-butyl groups located at the para positions on each of three of the four aryl rings--known to permit the slippage of the pi-electron-donating 1,5-dinaphtho[38]crown-10 (1/5DNP38C10) at the thermodynamic instigation of(More)
The temperature dependences of H and l 9 Pt NMR spectra and the spin-lattice relaxation time T\ were measured for [Cu(H20 )6][PtCl6] . From the simulation of 2 H N M R spectra, the jump rate of 180° flips of the water molecules (k) , the nuclear quadrupole interaction parameters ( e 2 Q q / h , 77) and the electron-nucleon dipolar interaction parameter(More)
The temperature and angular dependences of the H NMR spectrum were measured for single crystal [Cu(H20)6] [PtCl6]. (eQq/h, r?) = (132 kHz, 0.72) were obtained for the D nucleus averaged by the fast 180° flip of the water molecule at 297 K. D,(236 kHz, 0.10) and D2(246 kHz, 0.09) were obtained for two unequal D nuclei of the water molecule at 133 K. Below(More)
The temperature and angular dependences ofH NMR spectra were measured for single crystal of [Mg(H2O)6][SiF6]. At 283 K, (eQq=h, ) of H, averaged by fast 180 flip of water molecules, were obtained as (128 kHz, 0.72), (123 kHz, 0.82) and (106 kHz, 0.80), corresponding to three unequal water molecules in [Mg(H2O)6]. At 338 K, (eQq=h; ) averaged further by the(More)
Recently, the live video streaming application using P2P multicasting called P2PTV attracts attentions as a means to deliver live streaming video to a large number of users since the server load becomes low compared with a unicast-based delivery. Since many current P2PTV services choose a relay peer for a newly joining peer without considering the network(More)