Takahiro Haneda

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Elevation of cyclic AMP (cAMP) content in perfused rat hearts by exposure to glucagon, forskolin, and 1-methyl-3-isobutylxanthine (IBMX) increased rates of protein synthesis during the second hour of perfusion with buffer that contained glucose in the absence of added insulin. When tetrodotoxin was added to arrest contractile activity, glucagon, forskolin,(More)
Elevation of aortic perfusion pressure from 60 to 120 mmHg in beating and arrested rat hearts raised cAMP content and increased rates of ribosome formation but had no effect on total protein synthesis during 1 h of perfusion. The activity of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cAMP)-dependent protein kinase increased as perfusion pressure was elevated in(More)
We performed a trajectory analysis of movements of Navicula pavillardii diatom cells that were confined to semi-circular microgrooves with several different curvature radii. Using the semi-circular micropattern, we succeeded in observing change of velocity of the same cell before and after the stimulation by N,N-dimethyl-p-toluidine (DMT). Because the(More)
Elevation of aortic pressure from 60 to 120 mmHg increased the initial rate of 45Ca2+ uptake and the steady-state level that was achieved. The increase in uptake was as great after the first 10 min of pressure elevation as it was after aortic pressure had been at 120 mmHg for 1 h. When aortic pressure was returned to 60 mmHg for 30 min after 1 h at 120(More)
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