Takahiko Yamamoto

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The electromagnetic compatibility of implantable or wearable medical devices has often been evaluated using human phantoms to electrically mimic biological tissues. However, no currently existing test fixture can measure the electrical characteristics of gel-like materials. In this paper, we report the development of a new test fixture that consists of a(More)
When patients are fitted with a totally implantable artificial heart (TAH), they need to be implanted with two additional devices: one for the transmission of energy and one for information. However, this is a cumbersome process that affects the quality of life of the recipient. Therefore, we investigated the use of electromagnetic coupling for the(More)
Transcutaneous energy transmission (TET) that uses electromagnetic induction between the external and internal coils of a transformer is the most promising method to supply driving energy to a totally implantable artificial heart without invasion. Induction-heating (IH) cookers generate magnetic flux, and if a cooker is operated near a transcutaneous(More)
Human body communication (HBC) is a new communication technology that has presented potential applications in health care and elderly support systems in recent years. In this study, which is focused on a wearable transmitter and receiver for HBC in a body area network (BAN), we performed electromagnetic field analysis and simulation using the finite(More)
In this paper, a panoramic camera with speaker oriented face extraction function is proposed. For the face extraction, the Genetic Algorithm(GA) is implemented in a Field Prgramble Gate Array(FPGA) chip. Panoramic video signal generator circuit is also implemented in the FPGA for teleconferencing. Experimental results are included.
Transcutaneous energy transmission is useful for improving patient quality of life and for supplying energy to implantable devices noninvasively. To supply highly efficient energy transmission through the skin, it is necessary to increase the coupling factor between the coils and increase the inductance of each coil. In this study, the optimal shape(More)
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