Takahiko Sudo

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We examined whether the vomeronasal organ (VNO) is the sole receptor for pheromonal cues for male sexual behavior. Males carrying surgical removal of the VNO (VNOx) mated with stimulus females as sham-operated males, with a comparable number of mounts but a prolonged latency for ejaculation. In sham-operated males, mating increased cFos immunoreactivity in(More)
In interactive evolutionary computation (IEC), each solution is evaluated by a human user. Usually the total number of examined solutions is very small. In some applications such as hearing aid design and music composition, only a single solution can be evaluated at a time by a human user. Moreover, accurate and precise numerical evaluation is difficult.(More)
Evolution of cooperative strategies was examined for spatial iterated prisoner's dilemma (IPD) games in many studies. Lattices and networks were frequently used as spatial structures where a single player was assigned to each node. It was demonstrated that spatial structures were beneficial for the evolution of cooperation. In this paper, we examine the(More)
Incorporation of fitness evaluation by a human user into evolutionary computation is called interactive evolutionary computation (IEC). Various IEC methods have been studied for design problems. An important challenge in IEC is to decrease human user's workload for fitness evaluation. For example, it is almost impossible for human users to continue to(More)
Various settings of iterated prisoner’s dilemma (IPD) games have been studied to examine the evolution of cooperation among players in the literature. In recent studies, players are often spatially placed in a network. Each player plays the IPD game against its neighbors, which are defined by connections between players in the network. As in the case of(More)
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