Takahiko Sasaki

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The Mott-Anderson transition has been known as a metal-insulator (MI) transition due to both strong electron-electron interaction and randomness of the electrons. For example, the MI transition in doped semiconductors and transition metal oxides has been investigated up to now as a typical example of the Mott-Anderson transition for changing electron(More)
The Mott metal-insulator transition, a paradigm of strong electron-electron correlations, has been considered as a source of intriguing phenomena. Despite its importance for a wide range of materials, fundamental aspects of the transition, such as its universal properties, are still under debate. We report detailed measurements of relative length changes(More)
To investigate the temporal course of the frequency characteristics of the response elicited in the auditory system, pure-tone masking patterns were obtained at several time positions relative to the onset or the offset of the masker. The simultaneous masking patterns obtained suggest that the shape of the response distribution remained almost unchanged(More)
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