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Abnormal smooth-muscle contractility may be a major cause of disease states such as hypertension, and a smooth-muscle relaxant that modulates this process would be useful therapeutically. Smooth-muscle contraction is regulated by the cytosolic Ca2+ concentration and by the Ca2+ sensitivity of myofilaments: the former activates myosin light-chain kinase and(More)
Functional prediction of open reading frames coded in the genome is one of the most important tasks in yeast genomics. Among a number of large-scale experiments for assigning certain functional classes to proteins, experiments determining protein-protein interaction are especially important because interacting proteins usually have the same function. Thus,(More)
Among other deficits, amygdalectomy impairs the ability of the animal to recognize the affective significance of a stimulus. In the present study, neuronal activity in the amygdala (AM) was recorded from alert monkeys while they performed tasks leading to the presentation of rewarding or aversive stimuli. Of 585 AM neurons tested, 312 (53.3%) responded to(More)
Reward is important for shaping goal-directed behaviour. After stimulus-reward associative learning, an organism can assess the motivational value of the incoming stimuli on the basis of past experience (retrospective processing), and predict forthcoming rewarding events (prospective processing). The traditional role of the sensory thalamus is to relay(More)
By establishing a unique screening method, we have isolated yeast mutants that die only after differentiating into cells with a mating projection, and some of them are also defective in Ca2+ signaling. The mutants were classified into five complementation groups, one of which we studied extensively. This mutation defines a new gene, designated MID1, which(More)
It is suggested that the hippocampal formation is essential to spatial representations by flexible encoding of diverse information during navigation, which includes not only externally generated sensory information such as visual and auditory sensation but also ideothetic information concerning locomotion (i.e., internally generated information such as(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare efficacy, side effects, patient compliance, and preference between oral appliance (OA) therapy and nasal-continuous positive airway pressure (N-CPAP) therapy. DESIGN Randomized, prospective, crossover study. SETTING University hospital and tertiary sleep referral center. PATIENTS Twenty-seven unselected patients with(More)
To clarify the mechanism of postischaemic delayed cornu Ammonis (CA)-1 neuronal death, we studied correlations among calpain activation and its subcellular localization, the immunoreactivity of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) and Ca2+ mobilization in the monkey hippocampus by two independent experimental approaches: in vivo transient brain(More)
The peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha) is a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily and mediates the biological effects of peroxisome proliferators. To determine the physiological role of PPARalpha in cardiac fatty acid metabolism, we examined the regulation of expression of cardiac fatty acid-metabolizing proteins using(More)
To investigate amygdaloid contribution to stimulus-affect association and to emotional behavior, single neuron activity was recorded in the basolateral and corticomedial amygdala of the rat amygdala during discrimination of conditioned cue tones associated with positive (glucose and intracranial self-stimulation) and negative (weak electric footshock)(More)