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Genetic Differentiation of the Gobies Gymnogobius castaneus and G. taranetzi in the Region Surrounding the Sea of Japan as Inferred from a Mitochondrial Gene Genealogy
Abstract The phylogenetic relationships between gobies of the genus Gymnogobius were analyzed using mitochondrial cytochrome b gene sequences, focusing on the species currently classified as G.Expand
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Genetic Relationships of the Genus Tridentiger (Pisces, Gobiidae) Based on Allozyme Polymorphism
Abstract The genetic relationships and taxonomic status of 7 taxa belonging to the genus Tridentiger (Pisces, Gobiidae) were investigated by means of analysis of allozymic variation at 14 loci. TheExpand
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Evolution of a Ureagenic Ability of Japanese Mugilogobius Species (Pisces: Gobiidae)
Abstract Interspecific differences in the ability to excrete urea in four gobiid fishes, Mugilogobius abei, M. chulae, M. sp. 1 and M. sp. 2, in response to elevated external ammonia, were comparedExpand
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A new species of amphidromous goby, Stiphodon alcedo, from the Ryukyu Archipelago (Gobiidae: Sicydiinae)
Stiphodon alcedo est une nouvelle espece decrite a partir de 27 specimens collectes a Okinawa et Iriomote dans l'archipel des Ryukyu au Japon. Elle se distingue des autres especes du genre parExpand
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Population Divergence of Biwia zezera (Cyprinidae: Gobioninae) and the Discovery of a Cryptic Species, Based on Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA Sequence Analyses
Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA analyses were used to examine the native distribution range and population structure of Biwia zezera (Cyprinidae: Gobioninae) based on specimens from the species'Expand
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