Takahiko Miyama

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Isolated-housing conditions (a single mouse in cage) have been reported to induce various changes in physiological and behavioral characters of mice comparing with collective-housing conditions. However, the effect of age and sex has not been studied in detail. In this report, the young (8 or 11 weeks old) and the mature (29 weeks old for male and 32 weeks(More)
Plasmablastic lymphoma is a rare and aggressive malignancy strongly associated with HIV infection. The refractory/relapsed disease rate is high, and the survival rate is characteristically poor. There are no satisfactory salvage regimens for relapsed cases. We successfully performed autologous stem cell transplantation using a regimen consisting of MCNU(More)
Unexpected convulsive attacks were observed in male dd-D mice which were reared for a long-term experiment. After three months from the onset of rearing, some of mice showed convulsive attacks when they were handled in such routine laboratory procedures as weighing, clearing of cage and feeding. The convulsive attack was observed only among the mice being(More)
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