Takahide Miyama

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PURPOSE This prospective study was conducted to compare the single-socket and the bi-socket anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction techniques in terms of outcome. TYPE OF STUDY Nonrandomized control trial. METHODS There were 160 consecutive patients with unilateral chronic ACL insufficiency who underwent endoscopic single- or bi-socket ACL(More)
Human meniscus cells from 47 surgically excised menisci were grown in primary culture. Cell proliferation and morphologic features were evaluated in three different culture media. Human meniscus cells showed three distinguishable cell types in monolayer culture: elongated fibroblastlike cells, polygonal cells, and small round chondrocytelike cells. These(More)
PURPOSE Although anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction with multistrand autogenous hamstring tendons has been widely performed using a single femoral socket (SS), it is currently advocated to individually reconstruct 2 bundles of the ACL using 2 femoral sockets (TS). However, the difference in biomechanical characteristics between them is unknown.(More)
This study was performed to determine whether glucocorticoid (GC) is an effective inhibitor of tumour growth in murine osteosarcoma (OS) in vivo. The effects of dexamethasone (DEX) on the growth of this tumour were studied in male C3H/He mice. The animals received a dose of 1.25 or 5 microg/g of DEX in 0.1 ml of steroid solution daily intraperitoneally(More)
We assessed patient-physician communication about terminal care in Japan by examining the accuracy of physicians' estimation of their patients' preferences as regards (1) information about diagnosis and prognosis, (2) the place of death and (3) the therapeutic strategy at terminal stage (life prolongation vs pain control). We conducted a questionnaire(More)
PURPOSE To biomechanically evaluate a new fixation device, DSP (Double Spike Plate; Meira Corp, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan), for pullout graft fixation. TYPE OF STUDY Biomechanical study. METHODS A porcine tibia in which 8-mm diameter drill holes had been made from the medial tibial metaphysis to the anterior cruciate ligament attachment was rigidly fixed to(More)
Hoffa fracture, an isolated coronal plane fracture of the posterior aspect of the femoral condyle, is known as an unstable, intra-articular fracture, and therefore, operative treatment is recommended. However, insufficient open reduction or failure of fixation may lead to malunion. We performed intra-articular corrective osteotomy for a malunited Hoffa(More)
We report a very rare case of an avulsion fracture of the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus associated with ACL tear, which was successfully treated by arthroscopic reduction and pullout fixation of the fragment along with ACL reconstruction.
PURPOSE The purpose of this systematic review was to determine the effectiveness of cell-based therapy for articular cartilage defects of the knee. METHODS We performed a literature search in Medline (1994 to 2009) regarding cell-based therapies for chondral lesions. RESULTS We identified 10 Level I or II randomized controlled trials and 3 Level II(More)