Takahide Higuchi

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In this paper, we proposed simplex crossover (SPX), a multi-parent recombination operator for real-coded genetic algorithms. SPX generates offspring vector values by uniformly sampling values from simplex formed by m (2 ≤ m ≤ number of parameters + 1) parent vectors. The SPX features an independence from of coordinate systems. Experimental results using(More)
The tactile display for virtual reality and telepresence or telexistence systems is continuously being enhanced to create an effective human-environment interface. Among the key elements in telepresence systems, the tactile observing device, called the tactile camera, plays the important role of obtaining tactile information from tactile objects. Previous(More)
This paper describes high-power electrostatic linear motor that is deformable. The motor consists of pairs of flexible printed circuit films. It is characterized by superior output performance; typically, the motor can generate several tens of newtons, or slider speed can exceed 1 m/s. In this paper, we focus on its flexibility. Due to the flexibility of(More)
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