Takahashi Tokuda

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We have performed in vivo electric stimulation experiments on rabbit retina to demonstrate feasibility of CMOS LSI-based multi-chip flexible neural stimulator for retinal prosthesis. We have developed new packaging structure with an improved flexibility and device control system which totally controls the LSI-based multi-chip stimulator, counter electrode,(More)
We implemented a light-sensing function on CMOS-based multi-chip stimulator for retinal prosthesis. Using the light-sensing circuitry attached to each stimulation electrode, the flexible multi-chip stimulator is capable of image-based patterned stimulation. We verified the function of the light-controlled decision based on the light intensity measured just(More)
We developed a novel CMOS-based multichip flexible neural stimulator with on-chip stimulation generator. It enables simultaneous multi-site stimulation. We also propose a new type of multi-chip retinal stimulator with single electrode / unit chip configuration. We successfully performed simultaneous multi-site stimulation in an in vivo retinal stimulation(More)
We present a CMOS image sensor device for neural imaging and interfacing. The sensor device is post-processed using MEMS microfabrication technique to enable backlit illumination. Pt electrodes are formed on the device for electrical stimulation of neurons. A specially developed packaging technique, which includes a color filter that increases the(More)
—A CMOS image sensor which is capable to simultaneously sense an optical and an op-chip potential image was designed and fabricated. The sensor was designed with target applications to sense neural activities and DNA spots in on-chip configuration. We designed compatibly configured light sensing pixel and potential sensing pixel. The pixel size is 7.5 µm. A(More)