Takahashi Hamada

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Flexible objects such as clothes are hard to be handled by robots. But the working conditions for laundry factories are severe because of dusts, heats and steams. To automate these factories, 3D vision systems are dispensable to recognize the 3D shape of flexible clothes. Here, 3D robot vision systems with stereo cameras and a pattern projector have been(More)
An important step in the automation of electronic design is the assignment of the physical components on the target semiconductor die. The major aim of floorplanning is to distribute the modules of a circuit onto a chip to optimize its area, wire length and timing. As the density of very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuits enhance, the need for faster(More)
This paper describes a syntax-directed programming system SPSG. SPSG generates automatically the interactive programming system from the formal specifications. The programming system provides an integrated programming environment, including the syntax-directed editor, the interpreter with debugging functions and the compiler, utilizing the syntax structure(More)
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