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To examine whether or not the levels of NOx (nitrite; NO2- and nitrate; NO3-) in coronary circulating blood reflect endothelial dysfunction due to coronary atherosclerosis, NOx levels in plasma obtained from ostium of left coronary artery and coronary sinus of patients who complained of chest pain were evaluated in relation to their coronary angiographic(More)
Effects of glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) and nitric oxide (NO) on the cardiac functions and myocardial cyclic GMP (cGMP) contents were examined in comparison with those in the aorta and correlated with myoglobin (an inhibitor of soluble guanylate cyclase) contents using the preparations isolated from the reserpinized rabbit. GTN (10−10-10−4mol/l) produced a(More)
The mechanism of the vasodilating action of 2-nicotinamidoethyl acetate (SG-209), a derivative of nicorandil, was examined in the isolated rabbit aorta. Comparison was made using 2-nicotinamidoethyl alcohol (SG-86) and 2-nicotinamidoethyl nitrate (nicorandil; SG-75) to reveal any structure-activity relationships. SG-209 and nicorandil caused(More)
1. The aim of the present study was to determine whether the steady state NOx concentration reflects NOx formation in vivo. 2. A NO3- load study was performed after achieving NOx steady state. Chronological changes in NOx concentrations in plasma and whole blood samples from nine healthy subjects were determined by the HPLC-Griess system and NOx(More)
We have examined a possibility whether or not severity and extent of coronary atherosclerosis may associate with degree of local inflammation in relation to endothelial dysfunction as is indicated by reduced NO formation. Blood samples were obtained from aortic root (Ao) and coronary sinus (CS) of 39 patients who underwent coronary angiography. Plasma NOx(More)
The vasodilating mechanism of a new compound, cyanoimino-3-pyridylmethylaminoethyl nitrate methanesulfonate (KRN2391), a derivative of nicorandil, was examined in the isolated rabbit aorta. To elucidate the structure activity relationship, a comparison was made with the two denitrated derivatives: cyanoimino-3-pyridylmethylaminoethyl acetate(More)
To test the hypothesis that NOx (NO and NO, metabolites of NO) accumulates in red blood cells (RBC) in response to changes in PCO(2) and bicarbonate (HCO) concentration in blood, we examined the effect of changes in PCO(2) and HCO induced by hyperventilation in healthy adults on partitioning of NOx in whole blood. NOx in hemolysate was measured by a(More)
L-arginine, a substrate of nitric oxide synthase, was infused (30 g/300 ml/30 min) to patients with or without type 2 diabetes to examine whether or not endothelial dysfunction expressed as attenuated depressor response to the substrate in diabetic patients may accompany attenuated plasma NOx (NO2- and NO3-; an index of NO formation) elevation. Decrease in(More)
Ovarian extracts prepared from immature mice injected with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and pregnant mare serum gonadotropin (PMSG) were assayed for angiogenic activity. The assay method consisted of implanting a film coated with ovarian extracts to the lateral wall of the m.rectus abdominus of a mouse for 20 days and examining the site for(More)
To establish a concrete procedure to achieve a steady state plasma NOx concentration with Japanese daily food, NOx contents of about 200 types of food and beverages consumed daily were measured and NOx concentration in plasma was monitored till steady state after various degree of intake of NOx restricted food. The NOx content was found to be high in dark(More)