Takafumi Taniguchi

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OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of the point spread function (PSF) and time of flight (TOF) on PET/CT images of overweight patients in relation to the iteration number and the acquisition time. METHODS This study consisted of a phantom study and a clinical study. The NEMA IEC body phantom and a 40 cm diameter large phantom (LG(More)
OBJECTIVE We evaluated the accuracy of amplitude gating PET (AG-PET) compared with phase gating PET (PG-PET) in relation to respiratory motion patterns based on a phantom analysis. METHOD We used a NEMA IEC body phantom filled with an (18)F solution with a 4:1 sphere-to-background radioactivity ratio (12.6 and 2.97 kBq/mL). PET/CT scans were acquired in a(More)
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