Takafumi Takahashi

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Separated longitudinal and transverse cross sections for charged pion electroproduction from 1 H, 2 H, and 3 He were measured at Q 2 ෇ 0.4 ͑GeV͞c͒ 2 for two values of the invariant mass, W ෇ 1.15 GeV and W ෇ 1.60 GeV, in a search for a mass dependence which would signal the effect of nuclear pions. This is the first such study that includes recoil momenta(More)
Diffusion coefficients of water in Na-montmorillonite (Na-mon) suspensions have been determined by pulsed-field gradient spin-echo (PGSE) NMR spectroscopy for three directions (x, y, and z), where x and y mean the directions perpendicular to the static magnetic field, and z the direction parallel to it. Diffusion anisotropy was observed in the suspensions(More)
1 Introduction Cytomagnetometry has been shown to be effective in probing the mechanisms of intracellular motion and rheological properties of the cytoplasm[1]-[7]. Fig. 1 shows its principle. Magnetic particles such as Fe 3 O 4 are introduced into cells. Cultured cell line J774.1 are usually used for our experiments because of their phagocitic activity.(More)
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