Takafumi Taira

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The arylation of dihydrosilanes with aryl iodides or heteroaryl iodides in the presence of a palladium catalyst provides the corresponding monohydrosilanes in good to high yield. Moderate to good yields are obtained even in the presence of a variety of reactive functional groups, such as -NH2, -OH, or -CN, without their protection.
[1] Dilatational source deformations associated with two unusual M 3+ earthquakes in the area of the 2004–2008 Yellowstone, WY, accelerated uplift episode were identified through detailed analysis of moment tensor inversions. Pressurized hydrothermal fluids are suggested to be associated with the dilatational source processes of these unusual earthquakes,(More)
Interseismic strain accumulation and fault creep is usually estimated from GPS and alignment arrays data, which provide precise but spatially sparse measurements. Here we use interferometric synthetic aperture radar to resolve the interseismic deformation associated with the Hayward and Calaveras Faults (HF and CF) in the East San Francisco Bay Area. The(More)
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