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RIM1 confers sustained activity and neurotransmitter vesicle anchoring to presynaptic Ca2+ channels
The molecular organization of presynaptic active zones is important for the neurotransmitter release that is triggered by depolarization-induced Ca2+ influx. Here, we demonstrate a previously unknownExpand
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Actin- and Myosin-Dependent Vesicle Loading of Presynaptic Docking Sites Prior to Exocytosis
Variance analysis of postsynaptic current amplitudes suggests the presence of distinct docking sites (also called release sites) where vesicles pause before exocytosis. Docked vesicles participate inExpand
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Numbers of presynaptic Ca2+ channel clusters match those of functionally defined vesicular docking sites in single central synapses
Significance Release–docking sites have been considered from a morphological point of view as the sites where synaptic vesicles dock and fuse with the active-zone membrane. Functionally, dockingExpand
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Counting Vesicular Release Events Reveals Binomial Release Statistics at Single Glutamatergic Synapses
Many central glutamatergic synapses contain a single presynaptic active zone and a single postsynaptic density. However, the basic functional properties of such “simple synapses” remain unclear. OneExpand
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BARP suppresses voltage-gated calcium channel activity and Ca2+-evoked exocytosis
The integral membrane glycoprotein BARP associates with voltage-gated calcium channel Cavβ subunits, disrupting their association with Cavα1 subunits and suppressing overall channel activity.
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Solution structure of agelenin, an insecticidal peptide isolated from the spider Agelena opulenta, and its structural similarities to insect‐specific calcium channel inhibitors
Agelenin, isolated from the Agelenidae spider Agelena opulenta, is a peptide composed of 35 amino acids. We determined the three‐dimensional structure of agelenin using two‐dimensional NMRExpand
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Molecular beam epitaxy growth of GaN under Ga-rich conditions investigated by molecular dynamics simulation
Molecular beam epitaxial growth of GaN under Ga-rich conditions was simulated using a classical molecular dynamics method. We investigated nitrogen incorporation into the growth surface and theExpand
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Logistic Mapping with a Time-Dependent System-Parameter and its Attractor Basins with Self-Similar Structure
In this paper, logistic mapping with a time-dependent system-parameter (referred as "LMTD") is proposed. In various choices of time dependence, the periodic one has been tried in order to investigateExpand
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What We Can Learn From Cumulative Numbers of Vesicular Release Events
Following action potential invasion in presynaptic terminals, synaptic vesicles are released in a stochastic manner at release sites (docking sites). Since neurotransmission occurs at frequencies upExpand
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