Takafumi Matsuo

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Home appliance networks now have the capability of integrating different features of independent appliances to provide value-added services. Concurrent execution of these services, however, can cause unexpected problems, even when each service is independently correct. This paper addresses the issue of detecting such interactions between services. We(More)
In overlay networks, which are virtual networks for P2P applications, topology mismatching is known as a serious problem to be solved. So far several distributed algorithms have been proposed to reduce link cost caused by this problem. However, they often create long routes with a large number of hops, especially for long distance communications. In this(More)
The novel example of a vinylic hydrogen more reactive than a benzylic hydrogen was found by treatment of a twisted styrene derivative with a strong base followed by D(2)O quenching. In this paper, the full details of the examples of the highly activated vinyl hydrogens in twisted styrene derivatives are described, with a discussion on the correlation(More)
A novel method of rapid and specific detection of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) products from bacterial genomes using Zn finger proteins was developed. Zn finger proteins are DNA-binding proteins that can sequence specifically recognize PCR products. Since Zn finger proteins can directly detect PCR products without undergoing dehybridization, unlike probe(More)
New 5'-nucleotidase-inhibitory polyphenols named NPF-86IA, NPF-86IB, NPF-86IIA and NPF-86IIB were isolated from the seeds of Areca catechu L. The ability of the inhibitors to precipitate gelatin was investigated by microturbidimetry. These inhibitors produced weak turbidity. As 5'-nucleotidase is a kind of phosphatase, we examined the effects of these(More)
We constructed a novel bacterial genome detection system using zinc finger protein (ZF) fused with firefly luciferase (ZF-luciferase). Taking advantage of the direct recognition of double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) by ZF, we previously constructed bacterial genome detection systems that did not require dehybridization processes. To detect polymerase chain(More)
This paper shows an experimental trial on part-based online character recognition. The purpose of the trial is to evaluate the discrimination ability of parts of a handwriting character, that is, a temporal pattern showing a character. Each part is a temporal segment of the character and the character is decomposed into a set of parts. Those parts are then(More)
An automatic polymerase chain reaction (PCR) product detection system for food safety monitoring using zinc finger (ZF) protein fused to luciferase was developed. ZF protein fused to luciferase specifically binds to target double stranded DNA sequence and has luciferase enzymatic activity. Therefore, PCR products that comprise ZF protein recognition(More)