Takafumi Hayashi

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Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging provides useful information for characterization of various ovarian masses as neoplastic or nonneoplastic and, when neoplastic, on a spectrum from benign to malignant. The use of MR imaging for diagnosis of ovarian masses includes consideration of morphologic characteristics and signal intensity characteristics on T1- and(More)
p < 0.05). A worse survival rate was particularly observed for the cirrhotic patients with TAOE than for those without TAOE: 35% and 72% at 4 years, respectively ( p < 0.01). As the cause of death, liver failure and gastrointestinal bleeding were more frequent in the patients with TAOE (13.3% versus 1.5%; p < 0.05). Although the TAOE seemed to retard(More)
After a decade of extensive research on application-specific wireless sensor networks (WSNs), the recent development of information and communication technologies make it practical to realize new WSNs paradigm known as software-defined sensor networks (SDSNs). SDSNs are able to adapt to various application requirements and to fully explore the(More)
We propose a software-defined wireless sensor network system whose behavior can be redefined even after deployment by the injection of sensor node roles by means of wireless network communications. Two main technologies are used to develop this system, role generation and delivery mechanism, and a reconfigurable wireless sensor network with many(More)
The multidimensional diffusion model for computer animation of diffuse ink painting opens up a new dimension in painting. In diffuse painting final image is a result of ink diffusion in absorbent paper. A straightforward diffusion model however is unable to provide very specific features of real diffuse painting. In particular, it can not explain the(More)
BACKGROUND Imaging diagnosis of Alzheimer disease (AD), the leading cause of dementia, requires evaluation of the extent of hippocampal atrophy. Coronal magnetic resonance (MR) images of patients with AD often demonstrate outward rotation of the hippocampus that is altered from a long horizontal elliptical to a long vertical elliptical shape. Such rotation(More)
A case reported herein is a patient with ruptured minute pancreaticodudenal arterial aneurysms that proved difficult to distinguish from malignant tumors of the pancreas or duodenum. A 61-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital complaining of abdominal fullness, epigastralgia, nausea, and vomiting. Pre-operative examinations demonstrated duodenal(More)
Among diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM2) patients, the frequency of cognitive dysfunction is higher and the relative risk of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is approximately twice that of nondiabetics. Cognitive impairment symptoms of AD are induced by limbic system dysfunction, and an early-stage AD brain without dementia has the potential for atrophy in the(More)