Takafumi Arima

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The goal of this research was simulating future urban growth of the Cairo region from 2015 to 2035, by making use of cellular automata methodology in the SLEUTH modelling. The input data required by the model, including Slope, Land use, Exclusion, Urban growth, Transportation and Hillshade which were derived from three Landsat satellite images from 1984,(More)
An optical-label recognition system using time-to-space conversion, spatial Vander-Lugt 2-D correlation, and postprocessing with a slit and a delay compensator is proposed. The postprocessing, with the narrow slit and a prism for the time-delay compensation, makes it possible to distinguish the labels, consisting of a time series of optical pulses. For 4-b(More)
Research on prevention of crime through redesigning of the city environment is actively pursued. In this study, we propose the fact that the state of individuals living in the city space is also related to the crime occurrences as well as the city’s space aspect and propose the method to estimate the state of individuals. Tri axis acceleration sensor is a(More)
This paper discusses the driving forces (DFs) of informal urbanization (IU) in the greater Cairo metropolitan region (GCMR) using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The IU patterns in the GCMR have been extremely influenced by seven DFs: geographical characteristics, availability of life facilities, economic incentives, land demand and supply, population(More)
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