Takafumi Aoki

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This paper presents an algorithm for fingerprint matching using the Phase-Only Correlation (POC) function. One of the most difficult problems in human identification by fingerprints has been that the matching performance is significantly influenced by fingertip surface condition, which may vary depending on environmental or personal causes. This paper(More)
This paper presents an efficient algorithm for iris recognition using phase-based image matching - an image matching technique using phase components in 2D discrete Fourier transforms (DFTs) of given images. Experimental evaluation using the CASIA iris image databases (versions 1.0 and 2.0) and Iris challenge evaluation (ICE) 2005 database clearly(More)
This paper presents a high-accuracy image registration technique using a Phase-Only Correlation (POC) function. Conventional techniques of phase-based image registration employ heuristic methods in estimating the location of the correlation peak, which corresponds to image displacement. This paper proposes a technique to improve registration performance by(More)
This paper presents a palmprint recognition algorithm using Phase-Only Correlation (POC). The use of phase components in 2D (two-dimensional) discrete Fourier transforms of palmprint images makes it possible to achieve highly robust image registration and matching. In the proposed algorithm, POC is used to align scaling, rotation and translation between two(More)
Various high-performance hardware architectures for Galois Counter Mode (GCM) in conjunction with various Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) circuits and multiplier-adders are proposed. A total of 17 GCM-AES circuits were synthesized by using a 130-nm CMOS standard cell library, and the trade-offs between speed and hardware resources were evaluated. Our(More)
This paper proposes an efficient concurrent error detection scheme for hardware implementation of the block cipher AES. The proposed scheme does not require an additional arithmetic unit, but simply divides the round function block into two sub-blocks and uses the subblocks alternately for encryption (or decryption) and error detection. The number of clock(More)
A major approach for fingerprint recognition today is to extract minutiae from fingerprint images and to perform fingerprint matching based on the number of corresponding minutiae pairings. One of the most difficult problems in fingerprint recognition has been that the recognition performance is significantly influenced by fingertip surface condition, which(More)
This paper proposes new chosen-message power-analysis attacks against public-key cryptosystems based on modular exponentiation, which use specific input pairs to generate collisions between squaring operations at different locations in the two power traces. Unlike previous attacks of this kind, the new attacks can be applied to all the standard(More)