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This paper presents a construction-inspecific model of multiword expression decomposability based on latent semantic analysis. We use latent semantic analysis to determine the similarity between a multiword expression and its constituent words, and claim that higher similarities indicate greater decomposability. We test the model over English noun-noun(More)
The translation of compound nouns is a major issue in machine translation due to their frequency of occurrence and high productivity. Various shallow methods have been proposed to translate compound nouns, notable amongst which are memory-based machine translation and word-to-word com-positional machine translation. This paper describes the results of a(More)
In this paper we describe the motivation for and construction of a new Japanese lexical resource: the Hinoki treebank. The treebank is built from dictionary definition sentences, and uses an HPSG grammar to encode the syntactic and semantic information. We then show how this treebank can be used to extract thesaurus information from definition sentences in(More)
Semantic information is important for precise word sense disambiguation system and the kind of semantic analysis used in sophisticated natural language processing such as machine translation, question answering, etc. There are at least two kinds of semantic information: lexical semantics for words and phrases and structural semantics for phrases and(More)
This paper presents a method that measures the similarity between compound nouns in different languages to locate translation equivalents from corpora. The method uses information from unrelated corpora in different languages that do not have to be parallel. This means that many corpora can be used. The method compares the contexts of target compound nouns(More)
In this paper we present a quantitative and qualitative analysis of annotation in the Hinoki treebank of Japanese, and investigate a method of speeding annotation by using part-of-speech tags. The Hinoki treebank is a Redwoods-style treebank of Japanese dictionary definition sentences. 5,000 sentences are annotated by three different annotators and the(More)