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= 0 = 1 ?? ? ? a b a∧b = 1 a∧b = 0 ?? ? ? a b ? ? Abstract Abstract 3  The five-card trick, by Bert den Boer [Eurocrypt 89], securely computes AND using 5 cards. ?? ? ? a b a∧b = 1 a∧b = 0 Abstract 4  The five-card trick, by den Boer [Eurocrypt 89], securely computes AND using 5 cards.  This paper gives a protocol which securely computes AND using 4(More)
— This paper proposes a spectrum analysis method to identify the frequency band that can be used to perform power analysis attacks against cryptographic modules. The proposed method conducts Differential Power Analysis (DPA) in the frequency domain instead of the time domain. The result is then used to identify the frequency bands containing information(More)
The transformation protocol can make two players share a secret key using a random deal of cards. A sufficient condition on the number of cards for the transformation protocol to succeed was known. However, it has been an open problem to obtain a necessary and sufficient condition. This paper improves the transformation protocol and gives a necessary and(More)