Takaaki Kato

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The aim of this study was to analyze visual search strategies of baseball batters during the viewing period of the pitcher's motion. The 18 subjects were 9 experts and 9 novices. While subjects viewed a videotape which, from a right-handed batter's perspective, showed a pitcher throwing a series of 10 types of pitches, their eye movements were measured and(More)
This study analyzed the visual behaviors of soccer players while they kicked with the inside of the foot, which involved near and far aiming skills. Participants (N = 8) were required to step forward and kick a ball to hit a target. The top three scorers were defined as the High-score group, and the three low scorers were defined as the Low-score group.(More)
This study analyzed visual search strategies of soccer players in one-on-one defensive situations on the field. The 8 subjects were 4 experts and 4 novices. While subjects tackled an offensive player for possession of the ball, their eye movements were measured and analyzed. Statistically significant differences between the visual search strategies of(More)
This paper is concerned with realization of a new kind of three-legged walking machine. The proposed robot has neither coxa joint nor knee joint, so the three legs are just rigidly fixed to each other. Instead of pursuing elaborated joint mechanism for the coxa, we equipped it with two actuators and a pair of weights, so that it can generate torque about(More)
PURPOSE Headache is recognized as one of the specific signs of intracranial arterial dissection (ICrAD). We clarified the incidence of ICrAD in non-emergency outpatients complaining of headache and the nature of headache observed in case of ICrAD. PATIENT POPULATION AND METHODS Consecutive non-emergency outpatients coming to the neurological and(More)