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BACKGROUND The optimum sentinel node biopsy (SNB) mapping method for breast cancer remains to be determined. No matter which mapping agents are used, 2-site injection may be superior to 1-site injection in limiting the false-negative rate. METHODS We examined whether a double-mapping method with subareolar injection of blue dye and peritumoral injection(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer has received much less investigative attention in Asian men than in Caucasian men. We examined whether the prognosis of Japanese men with breast cancer differs from that of Japanese women with the disease. METHODS The clinicopathological features of 14 Japanese men with breast cancer were reviewed and age- and stage-matched(More)
We reviewed the clinical and pathologic features of pure tubular carcinoma of the breast with particular emphasis on the reported risk factors associated with local recurrences and survival following breast-conserving therapy. Of 1653 cases of invasive breast cancer, 12 (0.7%) were identified as pure tubular carcinoma. Clinical/pathologic features of pure(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the most appropriate tests and procedures to detect disease progression effectively during the postoperative follow-up of patients with early breast cancer. We reevaluated our current surveillance protocol which involves the intensive follow-up of 643 patients with stage I disease. With the exception of one case of(More)
Single-dose and repeated dose toxicity studies of prulifloxacin, a new antibacterial agent, were conducted in aged beagle dogs. I. A single-dose toxicity study Prulifloxacin was administered orally to aged female dogs at a single dose of 2500 and 5000 mg/kg. No death occurred in any group. Vomiting was observed in one of two animals at 2500 mg/kg and in(More)
Sirs: A significant morbidity and mortality has been associated with pharyngolaryngectomy with total esophagectomy (PLTE) [3, 6, 7]. Operative complications involve thoracic or abdominal problems, while reconstructive complications include stricture, flap necrosis and leakage [10]. However, we have found that such surgery can be curative in managing(More)
Surgical salvage for stomal recurrence is a formidable problem for head and neck surgeons. The two factors of considerable significance are resectability and establishment of a safe anterior mediastinal tracheostoma. A case of stomal recurrence invading the cervicothoracic esophagus and upper mediastinum is presented. Total esophagectomy and upper(More)
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